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Outsourcing Is Not Always A Good Idea

Outsourcing has many benefits such as reducing labor cost, providing access to experts, increasing flexibility, and the ability to adjust the workforce size. Although the benefits seem seemingly endless, there are some instances when outsourcing might not be such a good idea. Instead, there are occasions when it might be in your best interest to keep your work in house.


If outsourcing is not cost effective

One of the major points behind outsourcing is the fact that it reduces the overall cost of running your business. This happens because you don't have to pay benefits and overhead on the outsourced workers. Plus you may also realize savings as a result of increased efficiency from having access to outsourced experts. When it comes to experts though, you may find that the fees they charge are just too high and in that case, outsourcing work to them would not be cost effective.

If you lose control because of outsourcing

You should always be in charge of your projects and be actively involved even if it is only overseeing the progress at regular intervals. Persons or companies that want to take control of the project and not reveal details to you or who wish to retain rights to the completed project should not be utilized.

If outsourcing isn't permitted

In some cases you cannot outsource because it simply is not permitted. Often times when a company comes to you with a project they want it to be completed by you and not outsourced to less reliable workers. Make sure such details are understood before you accept new work from a client because if it is discovered that you have outsourced when they client forbade it, you might be in violation of your agreement and risk not being paid.

If you want to protect sensitive information

You might have a project you are working on that you want to keep close to your vest. If so, you might want to think twice before you outsource the particulars of your project. Although it would be unethical, it is possible that your idea could be stolen and developed by someone else as a result of it and create more competition for you. Similarly, you may want to avoid posting your project on freelance job boards because doing so will allow it to be seen by potential competitors.

The three examples above are some of the reasons you might not want to outsource a project. Chances are in most cases these examples would not apply. For the most part, you will likely discover that outsourcing is indeed a huge benefit to your business.


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